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Culture Shifts






The major geographical shift was from manifest destiny to Imperialism. Manifest destiny is the idea that God chose the American people to expand from east to west coast. Once we had explored and expanded the country, we had only one more option for expansion. That was to build an empire. With imperialism we started to gain a little more land, Alaska and Hawaii. This was very important to our culture because it made us spread out and gain more recorces. It also changes our flag, ethnic diversity, and all the different types of exports.

There were many things that lead to a social change. One big one focal point of this change was for equality. Women wanted to leave the cult of domesticity and start to vote and get jobs outside of the home. That lead to the creation of the 19th amentment, giving women the right to vote. The next part of this social shift was with african americans. Since the civil war had just ended, many african americans were looking for more equality. Some decided it was best to work for equality/respect, while others thought more laws would bring equality. The last widely affected group was the immigrants. They had come to america looking for religious and political freedom. They were treated bad at first bu they were a huge part of making this contry what it is. With this huge strive for equality at the turn of the century, America has become the land of the free.

Culture Shift



Religious / Intellectual

The major political shift was from corruption to power to the citizens through initiative, referendum, and recall. Many corrupt leaders would graft, or use their power for personal benifit. Progressivists the came along to change this. They made it so the people could recall elected representatives and take them out of office. They then made it so we can propose new laws directy on the voting ballot. Lastly, the progressivists gave the citizens the power to aprove or reject a law passed by the legislator. All of these have contibuted to the way the citizens have gained more power and say in our government.

The cultural economic shift was from unrestrained capitalism to a mixed market economy. Capitalism cause competition between companies for profit. That was good because it lead to better products and lower prices for them. Some people tried to take advantage of this and created monopolies on certain things in the market. The government had to step in to fix this. By making restrictions, the economy changed. This is improtant because it has influence our economy today so that we have a mixed market economy.

In the 1920's, america experienced a conflict between modernism and fundamentalism. Modernism is the trend that emphasizes science and the belief that things in the world are important. Fundamentalism is the belief that emphasizes religion and the belief that the bible is the exact word of God. THis conflict played out in a school where a teacher was arrested for teaching evolution in his classroom. In tennessee, it was illegal to teach anything besides creation. Creation is the belief that God created earth and everthing in it. Evolution is the belief that we started from an explosion and that all creatures evolved from different types of organism. the teacher was put on trial and the trial would later be known as the Scope's Monkey Trial. This shift is about America moving from the religious or fundamentalism roots to being more accepting of science or modernism. This shift is important because it affects what we learn in school today.

There were many different technologies that were made at the turn of the century. People originally had to use candles to light things up. Thomas edison spent hours trying to find the correct filiment to light in a light bulb. He finally figured it out, revolutionalizing the way we use light today. Another major inovation was with made by Henry Ford. He wanted to make cars more affordable and for people to be able to travel not by train. He did this with the assembly line and the model T car, leading to a whole new way to make things and a better way to travel. Next, the Wright brothers invented the Biplane and made it so we could travel not just by land, but now by air. Lastly, Alexander Gram Belle had the idea that we could communicate faster than just by letter and telegraph. He did this by innovating the telegraph and making the telephone. All of these inventions and innovations were made to make life easier. They have also lead to many better things like the iPhone, Flourecent bulbs, and Jets.


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