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Culture Project

Charissa's Family Culture

One holiday we celebrate is Philippines Independence Day. This holiday is important because it celebrates how the Filipinos came to be. We eat Filipino traditional dishes on Christmas.

One of my favorite kind of dish called pancit that is a noodle dish with meat and veggies. Another is beef bar-b-que on a stick. One dessert is called halo-halo and it has ice cream and other sweet stuff with crushed ice and milk.

My religion is Christianity and my symbol is the cross.

We believe in Jesus Christ and celebrate His birthday on Christmas day.


Holidays & Traditions


Phillipines 101

My family immigrated from the Philippines. My grandfather was the first one who visited. But, my mom stayed here and not my grandfather. My mother travelled by plane and so did my grandfather.

The Philippines is located in the continet of Asia. There are 7,107 islands in the Philippines. The Philippines have many attractions like the Chocolate Hills and the Taal Volcano. The language we speak on the island is tagalog.




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