Culture of the 1950's

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Culture of the 1950's

1950-1959 Era

I Love lucy was a popular televison show in the 50's.

This was just one of the bomb shelters used to take cover during the World War II period

Back in the 1950's, everybody had to obid by the rules of comformity mostly because no one wanted to stand out. Most people wanted to be just like everyone else. This was called conformity. All men and females dressed alike.

This was one of the cars used back in this time period. Only the wealthy ones got a car, the bigger the car, the more expensive the price. Everyone wanted to make a statment to show their status.

Back in this time everyone lived in houses that all looked alike in one nieghborhood

I love lucy commercial

Popular female dresses, (New fashion trends in this time period)

Back in the 50's they had just come out with the first televison. It didnt have any color but it was used for commercials and advirtisments such as the picture above.

Popular Rock & Roll Band

During the 50's they all conformed to slang terms, for example "Bash" which stands for party.

Truman tryed to support whites and Truman, in the beginging did avoid issues of civil rights for blacks. In 1947, the Presidential Committee on Civil Rights, called for the elimination of segregation

Eisenhower did take part in the Civil Rights Division. It was directed toward strong efforts to deny blacks the vote.


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