Culture of the 1950's

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Culture of the 1950's

After World War 11, the country went on a journey through the music industry, that would change the face of music forever. In the 1950's, Rhythm and Blues, as well as Rock and Roll was the favorite among the young adults and teens. Adults thought that the music was very suggestive and didn't like that the music was performed by African Americans.

The 1950's fashion the women mostly wore long skirts or dresses. The men usually wore suits. Fabrics for the dresses were exspensive, such as shot silk. World War 11 made women want to be more and more pretty, or beautiful. Companies like Vouge, Butterick, and Simplicity made more creative dress patterns, and mgazines for fashion.

IN the 1950's America felt bold. America was very important. And America wanted to show everyone that we were bigger, faster, and better. Some of the favorite, and/or popular cars of the 1950's are... Austin A40 1952, Buick Lesabre 1958, Cadillac Convertible 1959, Studebaker 1953, and Dodge 1957.

Gender roles in the 1950's consited of the men trained and educated in high professional qualifications and the workplace. The woman's roel would be to stay at home, take care of the children, and help with homework, as well as maintaining household chores, and cooking.

By: Emily Lindquist


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