Culture of London 2

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Social Studies

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Culture of London 2

Street Art is Popular in London

Shakespeare's London

London is home to some fantastic street art – and it's free to enjoy! Make the streets of London your art-gallery!

See Michael Jackson's hits performed live on stage with super-cool dance routines and special effects at Thriller! – Live in London's West End

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Culture of LONDON(Fine arts)

visit: Shakespeare's Globe Theater

The Famous London Poster by Andrea Labiberte

London is a city that is also famoust for its West-End Musicals. Major musical theatre productions have appeared in London West End theaters. Whether you visit London in the peak of winter or summer, you can definitely find and enjoy an unforgettable world-class entertainment.

For Top 10 London Musicals click here.

West-End Musicals

We adore celebrities. Did you know that these ones are all Londoners?

Famous Londoner Musicians

David Bowie(1947) Bowie has been a major figure in the world of popular music for over four decade. Ms. Rau you'll like this song.

Elton John(1947) , In his four-decade career John has sold more than 250 million records which eventually made him one of the most successful artists of all time.

Lily Allen (!985), a young one,with her cute musical tastes and cheeky attitude, London-based pop singer/songwriter Lily became popular in a short time. Wow, Lily. That flag is lucky.

Oh, fancy church music? Check this out then. You can join the Coronation Anniversary at Westminster Abbey. Yeah, it might be hard to find tickets. So click on the photo for more options.

Adele (1987) a popular newbie to London music industry.

Queen's Guard is peeing on a wall. Shame on you gentleman!

Famous London Songs

London Calling by The Clash

West End Girl by Pet Shop Boys

visit: Ice Age Art at British Museum☆☆☆☆☆ ’The exhibition everyone should see’-The Times 7 Feb. 2013-2 June 2013

telephone boxes by Hackney Wick

Experience Shakespeare and street art together in London!

visit: Royal Acedemy of Arts universally renowned for hosting some of the capital's finest temporary and touring exhibitions.

the oldest fine arts institution in Britain

The Globe, which opened in 1997, is a reconstruction of an open-air theatre designed in 1599. I recommend you that this Globe-Theater should be on your must-see list when you visit the city.



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