Culture of Champions & Scheduling with Athletics

by Otheatre
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Culture of Champions & Scheduling with Athletics

The way I will create and nuture a clulture of champions in my classroom is what I have always done: honored each individual student.Each student is a sibling, a math student, a computer hobbiest (to some extent), and wears another label associated with an activity.I like to draw out the shy students into creating sets, lights for a show, or costumes.By knowing my students, I can push them to be THEIR


Creating a Culture of Champions

RecruitingBy actively communicating with parents and future students over the summer via mailers and the TMS website, future Hawks will understand they do not have to be the class clown to participate in Theatre! Students will understand they do not have to memorize lines, sing, or dance in order to help 'the show go on!'

WANTED:All personalities for THEATRE!

Scheduling: When working with other programs, it is paramount to remember the goal: let every child experience their interests. Numerous options are available. My most successful program was to conduct all play rehearsals during school hours. This was a Title I school, and after school hours was reserved for Athletics, performances, and homework. Although it does take co-ordination, it is possible.




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