Culture Observations

by Amanda718
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Culture Observations

An element of hidden curriculum within the classroom is kindness. There are several posters in the classroom that promote kindness to another. The teacher also promotes a positive learning environment by the way she addresses the students and her kindness to them. The classroom has an abundance of natural light, and I believe that has a factor in promoting “positive energy” within an environment. There are also a variety of a bright colors displayed on the walls within the classroom with student artwork, and current event updates that pertain to student interest

The overall culture for this classroom is an elementary school culture because the students still follow the typical norms of a school structure, have social relationships with their peers, and learn from educators regarding academic and functional acheivement. A subculture for this could be a fifth-grade positive learning subculture due to the physical environment and teacher input.

I observed in a 5th grade general education classroom at Highland Arts Elementary School in Mesa, Arizona. I observed a grammar lesson on action verbs for about 20 minutes on January 27th, 2017. This is a learning environment because this is an elementary school and learning takes place there.

Cultural Observations



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