[2019] grace khanna: Culture Influences On Clothing

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[2019] grace khanna: Culture Influences On Clothing

culture influences on clothing

turban:a turban is a clothe that is wrapped around the several times to cover the head. sometimes jewels or symbols are pined in to show adornment or status. the turban belongs to the Sikh culture. it's origin comes from the Sikh religion. it is worn form religion purposes. sari:the long sari martial is warped around the waste a couple of time, the pulled over the shoulders. to keep secure a few pins are used to keep the sari on the shoulder.  the sari is is worn in the Hindu culture. it was created in the Indus valley. In someone Indian families women have to were sari when they are married or engaged. in other religions women who turn 16 can where it.hijab:a hijab is a cloth that is wrapped around the head several times. it comes from the Muslim culture, and urinated in the Muslim religion. it is worn because of modesty and to cover the head.

the parka is a warm jacket with a hood. it comes from the Inuit culture. it is made by the Inuit people. people wear it to protect themselves from the cold weather.

kimono:the kimono is like a robe that with a belt make with a special fabric, and tied a certain way. the kimono is from the Japanese culture and originated in Japan.  it is worn on special occastions, and it shows adornment. hanbok:the hanbok is a traditional Korean dress. it comes from the Korean culture. it originates from Korean history . it is worn to show adornment during festivals.

the ribbon shirt is a decorative shirt. it comes from the Native American culture. It's origin is from the European trade. It is worn at special events.

the dance shawl is a colorful shawl the has a butterfly like design. it comes from the northern tribe culture in the US. the origin is in 1995, before that time period tride dances were banned. until after 1995 when women danced creating the the shawl dance celebrating their freedom.

the yarmulke is a cap that goes on the head.  it comes from the Jewish culture, and it comes from the jewish culture. it is worn because it is required to wear when praying.

a scarification is like a tattoo that burned on the skin. it comes from the Polynesia culture. back then men got scarification to attract women and to show how tough they are. it is worn to show adornment.

a Mandarin collar is shirt with a round collar. it comes from the Korean ,Chinese ,and Nehru culture. it comes from a Chinese fashion trend. its worn because its stylish.

moccasins are a type of shoes. they come from the native american culture. the origin is they were discovered by a few Europeans since they were interested in thhe culture.

the kerffiyeh is a cloth worn on the head. it comes from the Palestine culture. it originates from pesents who worked in the hot sun and used the kerfuffle to wipe sweat. it is worn to show status.

a beret is a hat. it comes from the french culture. it Originated from sheepherders living on both sides of south France and northern Spain they both had different hat colors that were blue and red hair beret idea came from. There are worn for political, religious, military reasons because of what they symbolize.

the Irish flat hat is a type of hat. it comes from England's culture. it originated in the 14th century in northern England. it is meant to show adornment.

Ribbon shirt


dance shawl


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