Culture in Iran Pre-Revolution

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Culture in Iran Pre-Revolution

Culture in IranPre-RevolutionEmily, Kori, and Anthony

Art- Iran was very culturally advanced before the revolution-Art seen as tradition mixing with modern (i.e. Persian caligraphy and European tools and techniques)- Art historians call the work "groundbreaking"

Movies- Iran has a rich history in performing arts- before film there were special forms of plays, puppet shows, etc-Movies were initially a luxury only for the monarchy and royal court-huge spike in theaters and the movie business in 50’s and 60’s, though more traditional families abstained from the cinema-In Early 1930's there were roughly fifteen theatres in Tehran and eleven in other provinces. By 1978 numbers hit 109 in the national capital and 318 in various Iranian cities.

Music- Pre Revolution music women were allowed to sing and dance -The Court of Shah supported music and many of the pop singers-Concerts and making music videos were more popular -Photos of pop singers were always top covers if magazines at the time Kourosh Yaghmaei was a famous pop singer from the pre revolutionary times, he was equally famous in Iran to Jimi Hendrix in America.-Googoosh was a famous woman pop singer who was hit by the Revolution Her rise to fame began right before the revolution Googoosh brought more than music but fashion always influencing women with her unique hair and clothing styles Fereydoun Farrokhzad An openly gay political scientist who was a poetand a popular TV variety show host who launched some careers of several of Iran's most famous singers, such as Googoosh.

Fashion- Fashion sometimes split between more urban and rural areas- "suit and fit their needs"- Department stores resembled those in Europe and America-still decently modest

Fashion can be seen in Persepolis on pgs 4, 5, 102, 131 with Marji and her family.

Art can be seen in Persepolis on pgs 29, 115 with photography and grafitti.

Music can be seen in Persepolis on pgs 131 ' 132 with Marji.

Movies can be seen in Persepolis on pg 14 in the Rex Cinema tragedy

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