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Culture Experience

I attending a camp for studetns of ASU, lead and created by a group called Women of Worship from a curch on campus. I often times felt a little out of place because I was of a different religion but they were welcoming to every. I really enjoyed learning from them and experiencing this camp. This was definitly a great experience that challenged my way of thinking. I was taken back when I saw the talents of these people and heard stories of things they had been through! We are very simialar and I have always thought other wise.

Culture Experience By zoe Hyde

This was such a great group of people and I learned alot! It was one of my best experiences in college yet!

I foud myself somtimes pretending that I was of the same religion as the other pople there because it made me feel more comfotable but I realized that they would accept me either way. I believe that studetns in my class will be feeling this because they all come from different backgrounds and have different ideas. I want to create an enviornment that will alow them to learn and be comfotable.

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