Culture Cuba and Curacao

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Culture Cuba and Curacao

My Culture..Cuba and Curacao

This is a picture ofme holding a baby alligator

Brianna EscalonaPeriod :2



Curacao is where my momwas born. It is just one ofthe A, B, C islands in the Carribbean.

This is their flag

This is the currency theyuse.

Local food in Curacaois just a little similar toCuban food but still not thesame. They have fresh fishand a soup called beef soupthat is just amazing.

Papiamento and Dutchis the language the speak in Curacao. Most peoplespeak English too. If your wanderingwhat languages Papimento is madeup of, then its mixture of Spanish,Portuguese, Dutch, French, English,and Arawak Indian.

One special tradition inCuracao is Carnival.People dress up in costumes and walk ina parade.

Cuba is where my dad is from. From one point Key West, Cuba is 90 miles away.

This is their flag

Their are many deliciousfoods in Cuba. Such asFlan and Cafe con leche,

In Cuba, they speak Spanish.

A special hidden placein Curacao is called theblue room. To get their,you need a boat. Its verypretty and, well blue.


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