Culture and World Conflict

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Culture and World Conflict

Culture and world Conflcit

Russian Plane Attackinitially russian and ISIS did not have conflict, thus it is still unknown why they did this, one cause is meybe the need for popularity

Paris BombingThis was an assault on values, beliefs, norms. As Obama said, "this is not just an attack on France, but this was an attack on all humanity and the universal values we share".

9/11American intervention in the Middle East is the main motivation behind the 9/11 attacks. They believe American influence is one of the biggest impediments to the establishment of non-Islamic governments.

How is france and russia responding Both countries are retaliating toward the ISIS attacks, and have attack the location Raqqa

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World Peace?

Is this achievable?1. personal development about asking, receiving,overcoming fear,digging deep.Before we can have world peace, we need to be at peace with ourselves in the heart2.As we become strong ourselves, we can then partner, with someone who we think is pretty cool, be comfortable around that being, and create a solid relationship, last one?

Are ISIS really muslims?


Cultural actions, conduct, and performance by Religious groups are currently being discriminated and prejudice by their norms and values in which Global perspective or mindset between countries have been stereotype whole religions, thus branches of religious groups are to blame (imposters), which tends to create misconception and global tensions, as a result creates mind shifting concepts of real religión and world controversy.

Well ISIS are not muslims, basically muslims are people who believe in one god, and live by the teachings of god, revealed to muhammed, called the Quran. ISIS claims to be muslims, thus they are false and fake, also knows as imposters more like a branch. ISIS is claimed to be muslims because of facial characteristics - JihadistsThey consider themselves as Muslims though it is a different branch and different teachings and beliefs. Isis bring different subjects to the scenario and make the religión different. As well Isis have different teachings which is like having Nestorian Catholics and oriental orthodox. Therefore we can not say they are the same and say that we see a Muslim and we are going to die instead, they might look the same though different aspects and things they do as if sacrifice.


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