[2015] Kevin Ruiz: Culture

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[2015] Kevin Ruiz: Culture

In Mexico kids don't recieve gifts from Santa. It is a tradition that the Three Kings come to present gifts to the children as a representation of when the Three Kings brought gifts to baby Jesus when he was born.

INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATIONMexico's independence day is September 16. We celebrate with parties, food, parades. Every year at 11 p.m. Mexico's president rings the bell in the National Palace and shouts "Viva Mexico!'' three times.

Mexicans are very religious people, and most of our traditions are religious based.

My culture Kevin Ruiz

ABOUT MEMy name is Kevin.I'm Mexican-American. I'll be telling you about my culture and traditions.

SCHOOL LIFESchools also celebrate independence day in a very special way, they march in the town parade dressed in their school uniform. In the schools there are parties and the kids train for traditional dances, they dress in traditional costumes it is very colorful and fun.


KIDS DAY In Mexico kids get to celebrate kids day by having a party in school on april 30th.


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