Culturally And Linguistaclly Diverse Students

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Culturally And Linguistaclly Diverse Students

Cultural Differences Among Other ClassmatesAllowing the student to express their culture in the classroom and allow other students to embrase their culture through learning activities (NCTE).

Culturally & Linguistaclly Diverse Students

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Family Support with the ChildThe teacher can communicate with the parents on ways to help "tutor" their child at home even if the parent also has limited English proficiency. Websites and other technology based materials are great tools for at home instruction (Heward, 2013).

Bergeson, T. (1999). Evaluation and assessment in early childhood special education: Children who are culturally and linguistically diverse. Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, Special Education.

Parental Support with the teacherEffective communication with the parents such as weekly newsletters, conferences, and emails (Heward, 2013). The parents need to be involved in the child's education

Speech DifficultiesAllow students to use thier native language to communicate to aid in their learning. While being read to, the teacher should use gestures and picture books to aid in the learning process (Bergeson, 1999).

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Cultural Differences Among Families and TeachersBy getting to know the families the teacher will gain knowledge of their values and beliefs and not make faulty assumtions that could damage their relationship (Heward, 2013).

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Challenge & Solution

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Challenge & Solution

Heward, W. (2013). Exceptional children: An introduction to special education (10th ed.). Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Pearson.


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Guideline on Expanding Opportunities: Academic Success for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students. (n.d.). Retrieved September 8, 2014, from


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