Cultural Heritage Project ESL

by DrKDomjan
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Language Arts

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Cultural Heritage Project ESL

Who are or who were famous composers or famous musicians in your culture/country? You may discuss traditional or popular music. Which musical instruments do musicians typically use? Use pictures please. Can you share some music samples/clips?

Cultural Heritage Project

Are there famous scientists who have contributed to science? Are there Nobel Prize winners or winners of other national reputable prizes?Are there famous inventors in your country now? Were there any in the past? Illustrate please.

Science and Technology

Cultural Heritage:___

Which sports do students practice in schools? Who were or who are famous sport figures in your country that other people look up to? Do not forget about chess, the Olympic or Paralympic Games or other national/international championship winners.


Who are/were the celebrated poets, authors, writers in your country or the country of your cultural heritage? Can you share a poem, or provide titles of books, novels or short stories?What are compulsory readings, books in school that all students must read and discuss?

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