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Cultural Event

Taylor Peterson6th Hour

A Few Small Nips (Passionately in Love)By Frida KahloThis painting was done by the artist Frida Kahlo after she learned that her husband, Diego Rivera, had an affair with none other than her own sister, Catherine. Another factor that inspired her to create this was a newspaper story released about an unfaithful women who was brutally murdered out of the act of jealousy by her husband. The husband (the murderer) defended his actions by saying, "But it was just a few small nips!" In fact, the husband was found not guilty because during this time in the society and culture violence against women was deamed "okay" and "normal." They claimed it was her fault and that she deserved the murder. This Latin American lifestyle and culture is much different than American culture because women have rights and it is not socially acceptable to beat women in American Culture.

The Miracle of Vaccines (And Our New Resolution)By Diego RiveraThis painting was done by one of the artists featured in the exhibit, Diego Rivera. This painting represents the act of vaccination, which fascinated Diego Rivera. As a controversial figure, Rivera was often referred to as a "prototypic Communist painter." His paintings were part of the “Vaccination” fresco (mural), which was the collection of Detroit Industry Murals painted in the courtyard of the Detroit Institute of Arts. The mural Rivera painted offended some citizens of Detroit who called it "un-American" and wished to take it down. However, even though the mural had many criticisms, it attracted many to go view it, and visitors were the ones who actually saved it. Rivera was just trying to portray the life-saving vaccines that should be given to all children of the world.

On Friday, May 15th, 2015, Emily Preston, Ashley Devriendt, and I went to Detroit, Michgan to visit the Detroit Institute of Arts. We attended the special Diego Rivera and Frida Khalo exhibit. The tickets were nine dollars, which was a little pricey, but the exhibit contained a guided audio tour that we could listen to at our own pace

The Wounded DeerBy Frida KahloThe artist, Frida Kahlo, painted this painting just after her back surgey. It shows her face as the head of a fataly wounded deer. The arrows in the deer's body seem to represent the still stabbing pain of her back, which was not healed post-surgery. In cultures back then, medical procedures were not as advanced as they are today. In the lower-lefthand corner, Kahlo wrote the word "Carma", which means "destiny" or "fate". In this painting Frida was expressing the sadness that she cannot change her own fate. Frida was one of many women of this time and Latin American culture who had low self-esteem and also not proper medical treatment.


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