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Cultural Collage

Cultural Collage~ Mexicans Culture ~

We celebrate so many things in our traditions. We celebrate 5 de Mayo , Dia de Los Muertos , 15 de Septiembre & much more. Most of this celebrations mean alot to us . They can bring emotions around us .

Mexican people enjoy music , but especially from there culture. As we most listen to is Mariachis , Bandas , Grupos, Cumbia , Merengue , Salsa and more. As we listen to it , Our bodys feel the beat of the music & as we feel it we dance to it too .

In our traditions food is always made by hand with our own recipes. Pozole is our popular tradition food such as tamales , tacos , enchiladas , mole and much more . Reccommend to try them out ;)

Mexicans celebrate there daughters 15 as they call it " Quinces ". This is a popular tradition that its have been going on in so many years . A Quinces are teenagers that turn 15 and make a party for it they invite people families and friends. The Quinceneras wear a really bid dress as the traditions .

On happy birthday parties our traditional way is to buy a Pinata . A Pinata is a decorated figured of an animal containing toys and candy inside and they hit it and break it toys and candy fall off

This is one of our most important cultural things in our life. Our Lady of Guadalupe is like our god for us , We have beliefs and miracles from her. We have faith for her. She's from a catholic religion.

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