Cultural Collage Project

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Cultural Collage Project

Cultural Collage ProjectPatricia Walden

When I was younger, my family told me that my grandfather came across on a boat, which I assumed was from Ireland, turns out it was just Connecticut.

My great-grandfather was born in England in 1897. His name was George H Walden. He traveled to America at the age of 16 on the SS St Louis. Once here, he met and married my great-grandmother, Harriet, and had 7 children.

Throughout most of my life, I thought I was mostly of Irish decendent. Turns out, I'm actually more English than anything!Dad: Irish and EnglishMom: Scottish and English

My grandmother was not fond of my grandfather's brothers. Slowly, the family split apart over the years. Due to this, I was not aware I had a whole nother side of my family in the same town I live in until 7th grade, when my second cousin joined my class from a neighboring school. He has been like an older brother I've never wanted since. We have now begun piecing our family back together.

My grandfather, Ellsworth served on the USS Mississippi during WWII as the cook. If Japan hadn't surrendered, he would've been on the front lines if they had invaded.

The Walden Family

My grandmother is originally from Jessup, Pennslyvania. She married Ellsworth R. Walden on Nov. 4, 1943, and worked for both the labor and war departments in Washington, D.C., during World War II. After the war, they settled in my grandfather's hometown of Greenport, NY. My family still resides here today.



When my grandmother passed, I was left some of the orginal love letters he sent her duringt he war.



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