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Social Studies

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Culminating 1

2. How do people modify the enviroment?

People modify the enviroment by changing it to fit their own needs. For example, the Caddoes used canals for irrigation for their farming. Even now, humans modify the enviroment by building houses and factories, and using the enviroment to get the things we need, like rubber, wood, and oil.

Texas: A Land of ContrastsBy: Travis Ross and Anitha Aadireddy Mrs. Alexander - 2nd Period

Geography impacts clothes, food, and way of life. For example, if you lived in the desert, you would eat and dress differently than someone who lives by the coast. You would probably wear light clothing becauce of the heat. Also, you would have to eat imported foods because most plants can't survive in the desert's harsh conditions. But if you lived on the coast, you would probbably eat seafood. Also, you would have an trading route that is not available in the desert, the ocean.

1. How does geography impact the way a society lives?

There are positive and negitive affects of movement. Some examples of negitive affects would be overcrowding in a city, which would make prices for housing and jobs go up. On the other hand, a crowded city would mean more people to trade goods with.

3. How does the movement of people affect an area?

The Comanches were nomadic and moved around to follow their main source of food, the buffalo. They lived on the Great Plains where the land is dry and hard to farm on. Since the Comanches moved around often, their houses were easy to pack up and move around with. Their clothes were probably comfortable or roughly made because they moved around. On the other hand, the Karankawas were sedentary and fished for their food. They also farmed because they lived on the Coastal Plains, where the land was more fertile. The Karankawas did not wear much because of the warm weather.

4. How are geographic differences reflected in the Native Americans cultures?

5. What impact did European exploration and colonization have on Texas?

The effects of the Europeans were both good and bad. One effect of the European explorers is that a new race, called the Mestizo, was created when the Europeans had babies with the enslaved Native American women. Another result of European colonization is that the is that the Native Americans got horses, but also got many new diseases which killed many Natives. Some Native American cultures got wiped out, with only a few desendents living. Others don't even exist any more.

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