[2014] sierra wheeler: Cucumber Germination - Experiment

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[2014] sierra wheeler: Cucumber Germination - Experiment

Soil will produce the fastest germination,next the clay, then the sand.Fertilizer will help the seed to germinate faster.


Our Question



1. The first step was to get materials2. Wait for temperatures to rise to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.3. Plant seeds and water twice a day.4. Make sure water drained properly.5. Beware of drop in temperature and move plants indoors if temperature drops below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Day 1

1. Germinate= To begin to grow2. soil--The top layer of the earth's surface3. clay- fine grain widely used in making pottery, tiles and bricks.4. sand-- loose, granular, gritty particles of worn disintegrated rock.5. cucumber-a vine cultivated for its edible fruit.6. fertilizer =compounds used to work in soil like manure, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

1. Two sets of three tranparent containers2. Soil, sand and clay3. Cucumber seeds4. Fertilizer5. Water6. Table stand


Which will cucumbers grow faster in;soil, clay or sand?

-AND-What difference willfertilizer make?

The purpose is to determine how fast cucumbers will germinate in soil, clay and sand with and without fertilizer.


The first set of soil,clay and sand received no fertilizer.The second set of soil, clay and sand received fertilizer.

The water each plant received was a constant. Each had the same amount of sunlight, the same kind of container, and approximately the same weight or amount of content in which to grow.


Manipulated Variable

The second set of soil, clay and sand that received fertilizer responded only after the row that did not receive fertilizer started budding.

Responding Variable



Sand gets the trophy. On the 5th day the first bud appeared in the container with sand without fertilizer. Clay comes in second. On the 12th day a bud appears in the clay with fertilizer. After the 14th day the soil still had not produced any visiable germination. I was wrong in my prediction. Even the fertilized soil failed to produce a bud. The germination time for cucumbers is 5 to 10 days.




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