Cubing the Water Cycle

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Earth Sciences

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Cubing the Water Cycle

Create a Cube

Cube your Knowledge!

During this activity, you will be making a cube to organize the knowledge you have of the water cycle. Please fill out each question on a seperate piece of paper. Next, watch the first video to give you instructions on how to use the cube maker. Finally, watch the video on the bottom of the page, after you print out your sheet to learn how to construct your cube!

Lets's Begin

What is Condensation?

True or False: The water that was around when the dinosaurs were around is the same water we use today.

As time goes by, and water goes through the water cycle again and again, the amount of water on Earth _______.

What is Evaporation?

What is Precipitation?

What is Collection?

Learn how to construct your cube here:



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