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Social Studies

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Weather- extremely warm and humid (Yesterday it was 84 degrees with a humidity of 54%)Government- Communist government with socialist attributesMajor Cities- Havana (was key in Soviet Union operations during Cold War), Santiago de Cuba (used in battles)Major People- -Fulgencio Batiste: Cuban dictator prior to Castro -Fidel Castro- leader and dictator of Cuba, immensely impacted the Cold War with tactics and ways of rule -Che Guevara- leader and ally to Castro, and helped militarily

Major Events

1953-1959 - Cuban RevolutionApprox. 1945 - Cold War begins1959 - Fidel Castro gains power1961 - Bay of Pigs1962 - Cuban Missile Crisis1989 - Cold War ends

Bay of Pigs- American invasion at a bay in Cuba, with intentions of overthrowing Fidel Castro and his Communistic ideas. The plan failed, however, and the U.S. soldiers were forced to retreat after an amazing fight Cuba put forth.Cuban Missile Crisis- Americans became aware of a Soviet Union missile threat in the country of Cuba. As result, Cuba was blockaded and threatened to be invaded unless the missiles were removed,

Relations in War

Acting as allies, Cuba and the Soviet Union greatly depended on each other in the Cold War, by providing militaristic support and replenishments of rations or other materials. The U.S. relationship is far more complex, as they desire to build a strong affiliation, yet they have strong opposition to Fidel Castro. During the war, Cuba's leader created "political and economic acrimony" to further separate the two countries, leaving a grudge today.


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