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Social Studies

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By: Ramsey CullitonPeriod 7

Basic InformationCuba is a country in the Caribbean with the capitol city of Habana.The Cuban currency is the Cuban peso. The formula is 1.00 USD= 26.5000CUPThe average climate in Cuba is about 78 to 82 degrees fahrenheit.Some Facts about Cuba:Cuba was founded in 1868.Cuba has great engineers and mechanics.A lot of cuban meals have rice, pork, beans, and beef.

CultureCuba is a small country with huge culture. The island is influenced by religion, food, and cigars.The old culture of Cuba is still very much alive. The culture has even spread to a whole different country. Cuban culture and traditions are practiced here in the U.S, especially in southern Florida.Cuba celebrates holidays such as Christmas, on Dec. 25, Easter on April 5, andIndependence Day from Spain, on October 10.Also, most people in Cuba are christian but other religions co-exist.A favorite recipe forBlack Beans ' Rice: 1 cup long grain rice2 cups water2 teaspoons salt2 teaspoons olive oil1 pound dried blackbeans4 cups water3 cloves garlic1 medium onion1/4 pound salt pork1 pound smoked ham hocks2 teaspoons paprika2 bay leaves1 tablespoon vinegar

Places to Visit There are many places to visit in Cuba. Some I would really enjoy would be the south coast beach with beatiful sand or Habana on the Northwest coast. Another place I would like to visit are the coffee and tobacco farms and plantations.


EconomicsCuba is a country ruled by a dictator. Cuba's long time dictator was Fidel Castro.His brother, Raul, is now president of Cuba. The country has a lot of coastline which means there is a lot of fishing and boat trade.Also, Cuba is a top producer of cigars, tobacco, coffee, and sugar cane.


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