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Reasons for Imperialism by the U.S. :-U.S. now can trade with Cuba-wanted to use Cuba as a military base-the military base guarenteed protection from invaders-U.S. able to intervene in Cuban affairs

Jose Marti:Jose Marti was one hero of the Cuban independence movement. He was a Cuban who came to the U.S. to get money, arms, and troops for a revolution. The revolution eventually fails, leaving thousands of Cubans killed by starvation and disease.

The Platt Amendment:The United States and Spain sign the Treaty of Parisin 1898, ending the war. Cuba soon then becomes an American protectorade, an independent country that it under the control of another country. Finally, the United States makes the Platt Amendment. These conditions permitted Cuba its independence, while the U.S. is permitted to intervene in Cuban affairs as it deems necessary.

Imperialism is creation of large, powerful empires by gaining economic and political control.

The United States was very focused on imperialism throughout the world for the reasons of power and control. The U.S.'s imperialism affected Cuba because Cuba was now under a different control, under the United States. The United States would now also be able to trade and conceive many Cuban resources such as sugar, tobacco, and iron-industries. Along with this, the U.S. would now be able to interevne in any foregin affairs that Cuba came across. Cuban was still technically its own independent country, but with the United States watching over.

The Platt Amendment played a role in the United States imperialism because with this agreement, the United States had Cuba as an American protectorade. Cuba was also technically controlled by the United States. They still had the right to intervene in worldy affairs, while Cuba was comfortable. The Platt Amendment was also necessary to control the naval base at Guantanamo Bay. The Platt Amendment was important for the U.S. to stay in good terms with Cuba.


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