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Cuba History Project

CubaHistory Projectmade by Grace Anne & Jefferson C.

The United States, Cuba, and the Platt Amendment, 1901The United States would end its military occupation of Cuba (which had begun in 1898 during the Spanish-American War) and “leave the government and control of the island of Cuba to its people." The Platt Amendment laid down eight conditions to which the Cuban Government had to agree before the withdrawal of U.S. forces and the transfer of sovereignty would begin. The Platt Amendment’s conditions prohibited the Cuban Government from entering into any international treaty that would compromise Cuban independence or allow foreign powers to use the island for military purposes. The United States also reserved the right to intervene in Cuban affairs in order to defend Cuban independence and to maintain “a government adequate for the protection of life, property, and individual liberty.”

Imperialists alleged the economic advantages of annexation and stressed America’s moral obligation to “civilize” the world. One imperialist senator declared: “God has not been preparing the English-speaking and Teutonic peoples for a thousand years for nothing but vain and idle self-contemplation and self-admiration. No!…He has made us adepts in government that we may administer government among savage and senile peoples.”


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