[2015] Lisa Alli: Cuba

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American History

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[2015] Lisa Alli: Cuba


The United States got involved in Cuba in 1898, to help Cuba fight for their independence from Spain. William McKinley was the president of the U.S. during this time period. Cuban rebels desperately wanted Americas help, even going as far as burning down sugar cane plantations that the U.S. depended on. Later on the minister of Spain sent a letter to President McKinley which insulted him and the U.S.. To make matters worse the U.S.S. Maine was destroyed and all evidence pointed towards Spain. To protect their national interests and save Cuba the U.S. joined the war. The Cuban natives were glad of America's involvement. U.S. warships quickly defeated Spain's fleet and in only a few months America won the war and Cuba gained independence from Spain. Without the involvement of the United States, chances were, other Latin nations would follow Cuba's lead and continue with the chaos. It would also continue to make America look like a weak country for not being able to back the Monroe Doctrine.

Jabari Amos, Radin Uddin, Lisa Alli, Pd. 9

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