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CTS Promotion

CTS: Career and Technology Studies

What is CTS?CTS is a high school program that is designed to provide students with opportunities to:Explore and understand the variety of career opportunities available in today's workforce.Prepare for life beyond high school; for either entering into the workforce or for entering into post-secondary education. Explore and develop skills that will assist in daily living, now and in the future, as well as skills that reflect 21st century living, expectations (technology, productivity, collaboration and resource skills).

What is CTS?

The CTS program is FLEXIBLE, and prepared to meet the NEEDS of STUDENTS!In the CTS program, you can customize your own learning. Making your learning fit you!

With over 1000 CTS courses, grouped into 5 clusters representing certain occupations, industries and interests, this program is sure to have something for everyone :)

The CTS program has been REVAMPED to meet the trends, challenges, opportunities and experiences of today!The CTS program is now based on occupational areas.This will allow students to explore their interests and abilities while developing knowledge, skills and attitudes through various career-related courses!

New to 2010..

For more information about the CTS program, click here!

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