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CT scan project

1. CT scans and CAT scan are the same thing? - Fact, CT and CAT scans are the same thing; CT stands for "Computed Tomography", CAT stands for "Computed Axial Tomography."2. CT scans are very dangerous and the scanned patient is guranteed to develop cancer in the future? - False, although CT scan emit large quantities of radiation, it has yet to be proved that said radition exposure leads consistenly to the development of cancer.3. Generally, claustrophobic people will be very uncomfortable whilst undergoing a CT scan? - Fact, CT scanners are long narrow tubes in which the patient lays inside of, however the tube is shorter than that of an MRI scanner.

Risks of CT Scans

1895 - Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen discovered the x-ray1917 - Johann Radon proved creating a 2 or 3 dimensional image was possible, though math1937 - A tomographic technique called "transverse axial tomography" is created; however images lack in detail1955 - Computers are used to measure radiation doses given in cancer patients1958 - William Oldendorf builds a model of a CT scanner whichout use of computer1971 - In Britain, first clinical CT scanner ever was installed2007 - 72 million CT scans were preformed alone in the United States of America

CT scans, although very helpfull in medical treatments, have been linked to many radiation caused illnesses. A study showed that the average patient having a CT scan recieved 10 millisieverts (mSv) of radition. Which is 500 times more than a x-ray (0.02 mSv). This amount of high dosage radition can lead to mutations of the body cells, otherwise known as cancer.

Impact on Society

CT scan greatly improved the accuracy of patient diagnosis, due to its easily understandible and detailed images. On the other side, one negative effect CT scans brought to society is a major increase in hospital expenses. By virtue of that CT scans can cost anywhere from a couple hundered dollars, to a couple thousand dollars; depending on the area of the body.


CT Scans

Fact or Fiction?


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Computed Tomography Scans, better known, as CT Scans are very important in the daily lived of physicians. Introduced to the world near 1970, doctors’ lives became much easier. CT Scans create 3 dimensional images, consisting of one section of the human body. These images are then composed of thousands of pixels. The basis of a CT Scan is X-RAYs. X-RAYs utilize electromagnetic waves in order to capture an image of certain aspect of ones anatomy. This is where the physics relations lay, the use of waves. A CT Scan is simply physics put to use by doctors to better their knowledge of a patient internal injuries.

Basics of CT scans


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