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Environmental Studies

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CSAs(Commumity Supported Agriculture)

Produces from CSAs are 100% organic, have no harmful and unnatutal substances (herbicides, pesticides, ground water pollution, GMOs, etcettera.) Simply produce.

Safe Produce!

CSAs & The EconomyYour local farmers need to make a living. CSA farmers are not faring well, but earn $1,280 above nationwide average of all farmers. It's important to support local farmers.

CSAs have roots in Japan, in the 1970s. Their version of CSA was called Teiki-and essentially the same as American CSA. CSA didn't take off in the US until a decade later.

CSAs and The EnvironmentSoil is a basis of all human life, and farmers have some responsibiliy for out soil. The consumer wants good food, so the farmer preserves soil health & environmental quality

What is CSA?CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, an although quite self- explanatory, here it is in a nutshell: a farmer offers a share of their produce to a consumer. In return, the consumer receives produce from the farmer.

Farmers say...


CSA Farmer


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