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Chapter: 1Odysseus lands in Phaeacia"For ten years the Trojans fought bravely to save their city.""Calypso has no choise but set him free."

Chapter 2:Odysseus and the cyclops"The Cyclops are a race of giants that have one one large eye in the middle of their foreheads."

Chapter 3:Odysseus and circeThey landed in Circe's island whom, was a woman that uses black magic."But in the food Circe put a powerful drug."

Chapter 4:The Folly of Odysseus's menThis is when Odyssues men go to the sirens island."I told my men about the Sirens and what we had to do to escape.""We know all the secrets of the earth, sang the Sirens."

Chapter 5:Odysseus returns to Ithaca"We will do anythink in our power to see that you return safely to your homeland, said Alcinous.""After many days at sea, the Phaescians landed him at last on his beloved Ithaca."




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