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-In the midst of war, Rev. James Welch (Director of Religious Broadcasting for the BBC) felt that he needed "to declare the truth about God and his relation to men" (Phillips, C.S. Lewis at the BBC 78).-In 1941, Welch wrote to Lewis asking him to consider giving a series of talks on the topic of the Christian faith (Phillips, C.S. Lewis at the BBC 80).-Lewis agreed to do the talks and, on August 6, 1941, Lewis gave the first of his radio broadcasts on the common moral standard of right and wrong (Phillips, C.S. Lewis at the BBC 120).-Lewis would continue on with two additional series of broadcasts, which would later be combined together with the first series as the basis for his book, Mere Christianity (Lewis, VII).

Lasting Impact Cont.

1941-44: Broadcast talks while Lewis was at Oxford1941: Broadcast Talks1943: Christian Behaviour1944: Beyond Personality(Phillips, C.S. Lewis at the BBC 303-307)

-In addition to his war broadcasts, C. S. Lewis also contributed to London society by taking children into his home during the second world war (Phillips, C.S. Lewis in a Time of War 2).-Lewis brought together the numerous denominations and instilled hope and unity in the believers in London (Phillips, C.S. Lewis at the BBC 282).-Lewis greatly contributed to the breaking away from the old "Sundays only" tradition for religious broadcasting (Phillips, C.S. Lewis at the BBC 282).

Lasting Impact

-Through his broadcasts, "Lewis proved that a layman could be more effective than an ordained person in communicating simple Christian truths" (Phillips, C.S. Lewis at the BBC 285).

Surviving Broadcast Part 2

-"Beyond Personality." Narr. C. S. Lewis. Dir. Eric Fenn. Beyond Personality: The Christian View of God. BBC. London. 1944. Radio.-C. S. Lewis writing. Digital image. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 June 2014. .-Lewis, C. S. Mere Christianity. New York: HarperCollinsPublishers, 1952. Print.-Phillips, Justin. C. S. Lewis at the BBC: Messages of Hope in the Darkness of War. London: HarperCollinsPublishers, 2002. Print.---. C. S. Lewis in a Time of War: The World War II Broadcasts that Riveted a Nation and Became the Classic Mere Christianity. London: HarperCollinsPublishers,2002. Print.-Remembering - and Rereading- C. S. Lewis: Pondering Principles. Digital image. Pondering Principles. N.p., n.d. Web. 26 June 2014. .

C.S. Lewis War Broadcasts

Chain of Events


Surviving Broadcast Part 1


("Beyond Personality")

("Beyond Personality")

(Remembering - and Rereading)

(C. S. Lewis Writing)


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