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Social Studies

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In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Mexican Americans/Chicanos across the state of Texas made their voices heard in a civil rights movement that would change the state forever. Few people know that the movement began when students in a small farming community took action in a dispute over who could and couldn't be a high school cheerleader.I witnessed that movement from a front-row seat, as a teacher in Crystal City, Texas . . . ~ excerpt from Gregg BarriosCLICK HERE for Barrios' complete summary and discussion questions after exploring the glog.

Student leader, Diana Serna, (pictured lower right) tells the story of the walkout and events of Crystal City H.S. on the 40th anniversary.

A month out of classes, a trip to Washington, D.C. and their voices begin to be heard . . . CLICK HERE to read a letter from future President George H.W. Bush.

Check out today's newspaper headlines from across the country. What can you say about Latino civil rights today? CLICK HERE to begin. Start with the Dallas Morning News or the Fort Worth Star Telegram and then travel the country for different viewpoints. What do you notice when you travel to different regions of the country?


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