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-- Cryogenics, or cryonics, is the preservation of human beings by placing the body in freezing temperatures in liquid nitrogen after death in hopes that in the future, they can be resuscitated and healed by advanced modern medicine ( Alcor, 2014).


PRO-Crygenic Side: * Human life is sacred and should be preserved * Many payment options available * Based in scientific theory, cryogenics is already being used on smaller levels * Modern medicine will and is prolonging lives by current scientific advancements (Alcor, 2014)

ANTI-Cryogenic Side: * People are playing God and bringing dead people back to life. * It is extremely expensive * It is giving false hope to people with terminal illnesses that they will be brought back to life and cured * death is necessary to avoid overcrowding (Alcor, 2014)

The Cryogenics Ethical Debate:The cryogenics ethical debate has it's roots in both religious and human rights issues. According to Alcor (2014), some people believe cryogenics is playing "God" and bringing dead people back to life, while others feel that human life is sacred and should be preserved at any cost if at all possible. Some theologians support cryogenics for this reason. Some people say that cryogenics is only available to the rich, because initial costs are between $28,000-200,000 for preservation, plus membership dues. Cryogenics institutions state that the cost can be covered by life insurance. Some people believe that the idea of cryogenics gives false hope to people who are suffering from terminal illnesses who are hoping for a cure and to be brought back to life when one is found. Others say that it is realistic because cryogenics is already being used on smaller molecular and tissue levels successfully (Alcor, 2014).

According to the Cryonics Institute (2014), not one scientific paper has been published claiming that cryogenics is impossible, but there have been scientific papers published that claim that cryogenics may eventually be successful.

There aren't resolutions to be found, and people remain split on the issue of cryogenics. Both sides are waiting to see if there is proof that this can be possible. If so, it would be difficult for people to oppose if they themselves ended up with a terminal illness (Cryonics Institute, 2014).

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