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Crustaceans Aaron Drummer

* Lobster * Cray Fish* Crab* Shrimp* Barnacles

*Two paires of antennaes*Nearly all are suspention filter-feeders*All Crustaceans have 3 body parts*One pair of compound eyes*Respire through gills or diffusion


*Maryland has an official state Crustacean-The Blue Crab*The largest Crustacean is the Giant Spider Crab of Japan* Crustaceans are destroying an island off the coast of Japan*The anemone crab, like the clown fish, is immune to the stings of an anemone and use it as a shelter*Krill have the largest biomasses on the planet

Crustaceans take water over their filters and use their appendages that filter food out of the water

Females lay eggs on ocean floor and males come and fetilize them

Most Crustaceans have an exoskeleton that is divided into joints and use them to flex and pull their bodies around, some move on the backs of other fish

How It Gets Food

How Does It Move

Common Characteristics

Kinds Of Animals


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