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Crusades-a series of religiously driven military campaigns

The main motive for the crusades were to capture the holy land and Jerusalem for themselves. Others sent crusades to gain land, some to advance their own territory and others to defend the land that they already owned. After the first few, there was an unleashed group of many crusades following that became worse and worse. Some crusades led to attacks on religions such as Judaism, Hinduism and others.

For both parties, the consequences were not great. One of the consequences was that the First Crusade unleashed a wave of more Crusades that only madet the whole process longer and more arduous. The crusades were negative and positive. Negatives were mainly that many well put together cities were destroyed and for some countries, they were upset that the Middle East gained so much power from them. Some positives were that the Crusades did end the situation between countries and that some countries became much stronger.

The Crusades mainly caused immediate reactions on religions as well as the society in general. The Crusades caused the deaths of many whom were mostly Christian. This had a horrible effect on the support of Christianity as less faith was given on to it. For politics, the crusades mainly interrupted the power of the aristocracy at the time. Some cities gained wealth from the crusades from their towns soldiers.. As for the society, chivalry was influenced majorly from the major conquest and new connections between countries were made through the Crusades.

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