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Impact of Crusades on Christians:-many killed or wounded from battle-many died from diseases-use of money became more common-Monarchs gained more power and authority-Christians had contact with eastern cultures, learned about new foods(spices,fruits) and clothing(silk,cotton)-crusades helped weaken feudalism-crusades contributed to making the church more wealthy

Causes of the Crusades:-Seljuk Turks wanted to expand their empirealready started advancing in east-Seljuk Turks took control of Palestine-Christians, Muslims, Jews worried about Jerusalem-Christian Pilgrams were killed by Seljuk Turks-Palestine became less safe to Christians-Pope Urban II, Council of Clermont called for crusaders to take back Palestine-Pope Urban promised entry to heaven for anyone that fought in the Crusades

Effects of Crusades on Muslims-many died in battles or massacres-crusaders destroyed most of Muslim land- Muslims exposed to new military tactics and weaponry-built more mosques and religious schools-Saladin ruled parts of Arabia and Syria

Outcome of Crusades on Jews-many were slaughtered or became slaves-their synagogues were destroyed-anti-semitism spread rapidly- many riots and massacres broke in Europe-Segregation of Jews began in 14th century-Jews forced to live in crowded neighborhoods called ghettos which were separated from town

The Causes and Effects of the Crusades



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