Cruising with Christopher Columbus

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by DEchelmeier
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Cruising with Christopher Columbus

Welcome Aboard!Christopher Columbus is one of the most well-known of all of the European explorers. Throughout this Glog, we will explore the life of Christopher Columbus and his many accomplishments. Let's start our adventure!

Cruising with Christopher Columbusby Dave Echelmeier

Who was Christopher Columbus?Click on the video on the right to find out about the life of Christopher Columbus. Then, click on the link below the video to take a Discovery Quiz on what you learned.

I'm ready to take the quiz!

How did Columbus change history?Using the BBC Website below, read and explore more about Christopher Columbus' Life. Then, using the our class blog, answer the following question:How did Christopher Columbus change history? Use three reasons with details to support your answer.

BBC Christopher Columbus Website

Class Blog- How did Columbus Change History?

Different Perspectives of Christopher ColumbusNow that you know more about Christopher Columbus, watch this animated video about Columbus., which shows a different take on the voyage. Then, using the Discovery Assignment Builder, write a paragraph narrative of what it would be like to travel with Christopher Columbus as part of his crew. Use facts learned from the first video and BBC Website, along with your own creativity.

I'm ready to write my narrative!

Additional FunVisit Brain Pop Jr. to find out more about Columbus Day.Visit the National Geographic Christopher Columbus Website.

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