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Puritans were extreme Protestants that wanted to purify the church of Catholicism. They didn't believe in a single theology or definition of church. The Puritans crossed the atlantic to America to have a fresh start to practice their beliefs.

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Crucible Research Project

The Salem Witch Trials

In the time of June through September of 1692, 19 souls were convicted of witchcraft and hanged on Gallows hill. The first three accused were Tibuda, Sarah Good, and Sarah Osborn. Usual procedure used in the salem witch trials started with a complaint followed by a warrant for that persons arrest. The accused is brought in for questioning and if suspicious they are put in jail to await trial. Case is presented before the jury and depositions are submitted for guilty or innocent. Once sentenced they go either two ways the gallows if guilty or home if innocent.

Arthur Miller

Arthur Miller was born in Harlem, New York City. He is best know for his play Death of a Salesman. The Crucible was an allegory for the McCarthy Era.

Joseph McCarthy was an anti-communist senator that had a big face in the Cold War tensions. The term McCarthyism first originated during the Red Scare to criticize McCarthy's anti-communist pursuits. Anti-communism is opposition to communism which developed when communism spread.



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