crown of thorns sea star

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crown of thorns sea star

Blue Crown Of Thorns

Habitat It occurs at tropical latatudes of the Red sea and the east African coast across the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean to the west coast of Centreal America

The Amazing Crown Of Thorns Starfish

By Morgan Elkew

Crown of Thorns eating the coral

Body Description The Crown Of Thorns Starfish is multipled armed. It is the largest sea stars in the world, people saw one as big as 250mm. and 350mm. It has poisonious thorn-like spines that cover its upper surface.

How It Breaths, Eats, And ReproduceThe oxygen enters mainly by diffusion into the tube feet. In mostly early summer it can happen at any time day or night, but water tempature has to be right, a single female can reproduce up to 100 million eggs per year. And they feed on hard stony coral.


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