Crow indians

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Crow indians

The Crow Indians

Political system:Crow indians built large teepees for multipule families. Today the crow indians have their own council.They spoke a sublanguage of the Missurri river.Mens close were fansyer than womens close.

Gender Role:Women held high regard and an important role.Women were not only incharge of house life, but they built there own houses.Both men and women participted in in art carving, music and story telling.Crow men were skilled hunters in the bow and the spear.Men were responsable for defending there family agenst attack.some women were chifs.

Religion:The Crow indians believed in the sun god and thunder bird.Also they believed in the morning star and high thunder.They atempted to come in contact with there gods.They believed spirits could come in many forms.Te crow indians believed in the holy community and the natural kngdom.

Cultural Practices:As means of greiving men would cut themselves in means of greiving.Worriors moved on to be chife of there clan.Crow women were known to cut off thier hair.A sacred pipe was past around by the chifes before a trible meeting, and thought it would solve problems.



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