[2014] Rebecca Rains (Booknerds): Crossroads Region

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[2014] Rebecca Rains (Booknerds): Crossroads Region

Crossrods Region 1. Cultural Characteristics : * Meat pies are a very popular meal in Natchitoches. The best ones are at Lasyones Meat Pie Restauraunt. ( They are similar to spanish empanadas) * A festival in crossroads is Natchitoches Christmas Festival. The festival has been held since December, 1927 and shows just how much christmas spirit we louisianaians have!!! 2. A state park : * In crossroads is Fort St. Jean Baptiste State Historic Site in natchitoches. It is a replica of an original French fort settlement; Based on the original fort blueprints, established in 1716. 3. Interesting facts: * One of the oldest areas of the state is the Crossroads region. It is the site of much history ( especially military history ) and also many outdoor activities. * Alexandria used to be the home of England Air Force Base as an emergency airstrip for Esler Regional Airport until its closure on December 15, 1992!

Map of Louisianas cultural regions!!!! (I have crossroads)

Here are some gators from Bayou Pierre Alligator Farm in Natchitoches.. Hundreds of alligators will entertain you, while you pet and feed!!

Frogmore Cotton Plantation is a wonderful place to take your family!!!

Arna Bontemps African-American Museum in Alexandria is part of the African-American Heritage Trail !!

I am the Crossroads

Here are some of Louisiana's must sees from the Crossroads Region!!

Here are some websites so you can learn more information about the Crossroads Region!!

Rebecca Rains

Bayou Pierre Alligator Farm!!!!



Fun things to do in the Crossroads Region!!!


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