Crossover Book Review Project - Per 8.

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Crossover Book Review Project - Per 8.

The Crossover

By : Kwame Alexander

Josh And Jordan are the two many charcters of this balling novel. Josh Bell, a.k.a. “Filthy McNasty,” is competitive. He wants to win every single game that he plays. His athletic skills come in play when he’s shooting his slammerific shot! Josh is efficient when he plays basketball, he does everything absolutely right. The twin brother Jordan Bell is compassionate. He cares for his family at all times. Faithful describes him. Religion is key to his success, he chose to go to Bible camp instead of basketball camp. Jordan Bell is very talented in making 3 point shots, and this is reflected in the success of his team.

Josh And Jordan


The book The Crossover, by Kwame Alexander is about an Afrian American family living in a rich neighborhood, in the suburbs of Boston. This book happens in the present, about 2014 during the fall basketball season, when this family is succeeding during the Obama era. Throughout the story the character Josh explains how his life has progressed over this time of change. He explains that their family wants him and his brother to go to college and graduate because his parents are professionals. Josh describes how basketball plays a huge role in his family’s everyday life. The entire family starts to face challenges. First, Jordan starts to spend too much time with his new girlfriend. Josh complains that Jordan is skipping practice to spend time with his girlfriend. Next, dad goes to the hospital due to heart problems that were not taken care of by a doctor. Finally, the challenges are faced by accomplishments. Josh is playing in the championship basketball game for his father when all of a sudden another challenge gets thrown at him. Will Josh and Jordan reunite as brothers/friends? Will dad survive from the bad illness that he has? Will they win the championship game? Read The Crossover to find out!

10/10!I rate this book 10/10 because I believe it’s excellent. I say 10/10 because it’s a wonderful storyline of challenges the family would overcome. This book is also warm to heart because it shows family’s love for each other.

Made By Christian O'Malley

"Even though I know he hears me, the only thing JB is listening to is the sound of his heart bouncing on the court of love" said Jordan to his twin JB

Dad is sick and explaining his wishes to the twins: "You were there for eachother. I want you both to always be there for each other.

About The Author:The author Kwame Alexander is a American writer of poetry. He was born in Reston ,VA. He has earned the John's Newbery Medal for his fantastic book The Crossover. The John Newbery Medal is a literary award given by the Association for Library Service to Authors who write children books.

Additional Information:The author Kwame Alexander uses basketball termanology to explain life experiences in a captivating way. This book is an easy read due to the short poetic verses. The rules of life are told through "Basketball Rules"

Setting: This story takes place in the subburbs of Boston , in a wealthy neighborhood. Because it's mostly about basketball , the setting takes place at a basketball court.

Josh: Free Throws Skills On Point!

Jordan: Slammerific Dunking Skills!


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