Crosscutting Concepts

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Crosscutting Concepts


& System ModelsHaley Hagan

Physical Science

Life Science

Earth/Space Science

Engineering and Technology

Machines are made of many parts that come together systematically to make the machine work. Students will learn to dissect parts of machines into parts and maybe even simple machines to learn how it funcitons.

Because ecosystems are so diverse, there are so many readily available. Ecosystems involve lots of organisms working together to survive in their habitats. Each organism benefits off of another, creating a system.

In Physics, Newton's laws of motion suggest that forces of energy act on an object causing it to move or stay at rest, this transfer of energy can be described as a system.

Flow of Energy

An easily recogniable system, the solar system is something kids always enjoy learning about. Each planet has similrities and differences, but all revolve around the sun, creating a system.

Lab Example:Ecosystem in a Bottle

Crosscutting Concepts



Solar System

In this lab, students will be able to make their own ecosystems that could be kept in the classroom and observed over a period of time. The class could discuss how each organism works together to survive, creating an ecosystem. This would be fun for kids and very beneficial!


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