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CropSensor Glog

What is Spin-Off Technology?Spin-off technology is taking information from another resource and basing it off of that to make another product. For example, NASA spin-off technologies are technologies that were originally designed for space, but have been adjusted to be used on Earth to solve problems.

What Problem is Being Solved?By making this spin-off, we are solving several problems. The main problem solved by the CropSensor is farmers losing their crops. The CropSensor helps farmers by allowing them to see if there are any diseases in the crops, so they can remove them before they damage other crops. This allows them to grow more food, which also helps other problems such as people starving and not having enough food to go around.

Overcoming ProblemsWhile making our project, we brainstormed some challenges we would have to overcome to make our product. Some include the cost that we would have to spend to make this product, the fact that people might not want our product, and the fact that we would have to find and make a camera and an x-ray combined.

What is an Electric Field Imaging System?An Electric Field Imaging System is a non-contact way of measuring the magnitude and direction of electrostatic fields. Based off of dielectric properties, it can create 3D images of objects. Spinoffs of the Electric Field Imaging System includes baggage and personal screening, personal detection, and intrusion detection.

A picture of our model

Two examples of Electric Field Imaging System



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