Crop Circles

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Crop Circles

What delemas are involved in this enigma?1. It is hard to know if aliens or humans made these because some crop circles are man made, others are unexplained2. People can't put up cameras because they don't know where they are coming next3. The circles are usually very close to the road; that shows that it is easy to access to humans

How would you describe crop circles?6.Mysterious 7.Bizarre8. Many therioes on how it came to beHow long have people known about them? 9.The first sighting historically recorded in the books was around 197510.There are drawings of a "devil" mowing crops that are from 1678.

What are crop circlesCrop circles are mysterious designs that form in the crops. They usually appear most in Wiltshire, England. New designs uaually appear every week. They mostly appear August through April. Two people have claimed that they have made some of the crop circles but not all of them. One big mystery about the circle is that the stalks of the corn involved in the crop circle formations never bend, they just flatten and no one knows why.

What are some therioes about how crop circles are made4. Some scientists think aliens made them, others think people made them5. Some believe that it is because of the electromagnetic radiation that the earth produces

Crop CirclesBy Kaylee

Wiltshire, England

These are some crop cirles that appeared on July 6, 2013

Click this picture and you can watch more videos on crop circles

These are some examples of crop circles

Oats are often the crop used is the crop circle


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