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On the adventure The Croods…Culture related Geography related•experience earthquakes•migrate to a new environment (mountains)•learn how to protect themselves from harmful animals •learn about fire (and popcorn from the cornfield catching on fire)•learn how to set up traps to catch animals for food and how to camouflage themselves•learn how to cook with fire•learn about shoes •blow on a shell to call for helpcreate a flying invention

Text-to-WorldThe Croods life was very simple like the ancient times. They lived in a cave where they stayed close as a family. They told stories and drew on the walls. They migrated across land by foot and learned how to survive.

MisconceptionsThe animal Piranhakeets they created for the Croods environment. Piranhakeets are Croodaceous birds that are unquestionably the most deadly predator in their environment. They are a cross between a Parakeet and a Piranha. Children may think this animal really existed.Also, the flying invention is ahead of the story's time period.

The Croods Family Road TripAuthor: Tina GalloThe Croods have lived in a cave for a very long time to protect them from the dangerous world. An earthquake crushes their cave forcing them to go out in the dangerous world for the first time to find a new home. They meet a friend, Grug, who goes on the adventure with them to teach them about survival while they are discovering new things.Posted by: Ashley Murphree

StrengthsThis story provides children with reflective understandings about ancient culture and geography. It allows children to form questions and understand how survival methods shaped civiliation.


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