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Cronus:Greek Titan God.

Cronus is this leader of the twelve Titans, who were also his siblings. Gaía, his mother, created a sickle for him to castrate Ouranus, his father, with because he would hide all her youngest children. After Cronus ambushed his father he married his sister, Rhea, and they became to King and queen of the world. Cronus was later on told by his parents that he was destined to be overthrown by his sons. Therefore, he ate all of his offspring to prevent the prophecy. This upsetted Rhea, so she hid her son Zeus in a cave. She then gave Cronus a rock covered in clothes and he swallowed it without a thought. As Zeus grew older Gaía gave him an emetic to force Cronus to regergitate his siblings. Then Zeus and his siblings cut him up into a million pieces and banished him to Tartarus.

PARENTS:Father: Ouranus Mother: Gaia  CHILDREN: Hera, Hestia, Demeter, Hades, Poseidon, Zeus (with Rhea), and Chiron (with Philyre) ROMAN EQUIVALENT:Saturn

Mythof Cronus

Genealogy of the Olympians

Special Powers

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1. Immortality2. Unable to age3. Resistance to injury and disease.4. Super human speed5. Controls time

Cronus has multiple symbols, but they all have one general meaning, "To cut."


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