Cronus - Titan God of Time

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Cronus - Titan God of Time

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Cronus - The Titan God Of Time

I am Cronus, the Titan God of Time; I am the ruler of all titans. I used to sit on my throne itching my white, curly beard, and eating a feast of human flesh. I used to have wings and strength. My father is Sky, and my mother is the Earth. With my spouse, Rhea, we had 7 children, and three of which were Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. My weakness is my fear of my own children, and my strength is my immortality. I hold the sickle, my favorite weapon and my symbol of recognition. Personally, I think I'm amazing, but ask Zues, and anyone else, and they will say I am rude and power-hungry. They say this because of my incident in which I ate my children. Hopefully my appearance and words of descriptions will compel you to believe that I am better than all the other gods, including Zues.

The myth Zeus vs. Cronus portrays a titans want for the throne of Olympus. Cronus, the titan god of time and king over the titans, desires nothing more but to be the ruler and king over the gods. Cronus is told by the oracle that one of his children will destroy and overthrow him. To avoid this, he ate his children at birth. However, Zeus was spared because Rhea, Cronus's wife, managed to save him by disguising him as a rock. Being raised by a sacred donkey, Zeus grew in power and age, finally confronting his father. With the help of Gaia, Zeus caused Cronus to throw-up his siblings, and, getting a hold of Cronus's scythe, Zeus chopped him up into one million peices and tossed him into Tartarus. Sometimes when we are to greedy we become to prideful of our selfs, and that can lead to not being acknowledged anymore by people that used to be close.

Zeus vs. Cronus



The scythe and the sickle, Cronus's symbol, represent the harvesting of human souls on the Earth.

Cronus's Symbols

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