[2015] Elizabeth Spruill (Class of 2017): Crohns Disease

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[2015] Elizabeth Spruill (Class of 2017): Crohns Disease

Crohn's DiseaseBy: Elizabeth Spruill

Resources:Mayoclinic.orgWeb.MDTextbook Basic Nursing RosdahlYouTube.comDietstips.com

Healthy Colon

Inflammed Colon

When to see a doctor!* Abdominal Pain* Blood in your stool* Ongoing bouts of diarrhea that do not respond to over the counter medications* Unexplained fever lasting more then 2 days* Unexplained weight loss

Pathophysiology of Crohn's DiseaseCrohn's disease can occur in any part of the intestinal tract, but is most common in the terminal ileum. ( small intestine & colon ) Causes inflammation of the lining of your digestive tract which can lead to abdominal pain, severe diarrhea, fatigue, weight loss & malnutrition. Often spreads into the deep layers of the affected bowel tissue. Very painful and debilitating, sometimes life threating complications. There is NO known cure. Therapies can reduce it's signs and symptoms, even bring about long term remission.

24 Hour DietBreakfast: 60 g Oatmeal. dry1 Banana-medium2 whole large eggs scrambled1 tsp. butterTotal Calories: 459Lunch: Whole Wheat Pita, smallTuna salad, Tuna canned in water,drained 1 tbsp. Mayo1 tbsp. Mustard1oz. pickles, drained large celery stick, diced cucumber slicesTotal calories: 281Dinner: 4 oz. Boneless,skinless Chicken breast, grilled 2 cups fresh green beans, steamed 1 Tbsp butterTotal Calories: 247Snack: 1 cup Yogurt Parfait, plain, fat free yogurt0.5 cup strawberries,sliced0.5 cup blueberries 0.5 oz. walnuts,raw1 tsp. agave nectarTotal calories: 317Total Calorie Intake: 1,304

Nutrient guidelines compared to My Plate food groupsMy menu offers a wide variety of much need proteins and good fats. Fruits and veggies are good on the colon when NOT in a flair up mode. This menu was created for a woman with Chron's disease, meeting her nutritional goals.


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