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Crocodilesby Ben D

Enemies/ProtectionCrocodiles have a lot of enemies. If you were to do research, you wouldn't find many of these animals on different sites. Some of these animals include jaguars, elephants, lions, hippos and rhinos. To protect themselves, they use their strong jaws to kill the animal.

GlossaryCarnivore- something that eats meatCrocodylinae- the scientific name for a crocodileHatchling- A baby that hatched from an egg

DietCrocodiles are carnivores, meaning they eat mostly meat. Crocodiles enjoy eating things such as fishes, turtles, pigs, buffalo, deer and even birds!

Life CycleCrocodile's life cycles are the same as any other reptile. First, the mother lays an egg. After a few months, the eggs will hatch into hatchlings. Then, after about 2 months, the mother will stop caring for the hatchlings. The mother will send them off on their own journey. While very few survive, others live until they become adults. That is the life cycle of a crocodile.

WOW Facts Some cool facts about crocodiles are-1. Crocodiles are the largest reptiles!2. A crocodile's scientific name is crocodylinae!3. A crocodile can survive 2 years without food!4. Crocodiles can be 18-19 feet long!

HabitatCrocodiles tend to live in many parts of the world. They only like warm places. Why? Because reptiles need to be in warm places to be hot and cold places to be cold. So, if a crocodile were to be in a cold area, he would most likely freeze to death. Some places crocodiles live are Australia, Asia, Africa, South America, North America, tropical zones, lagoons and swamps.

Physical AppearanceCrocodiles have pointy snouts. Like most of the other reptiles, crocodiles have rough skin. Some crocodiles have darkish-green skin while others tend to have gray skin. Also, crocodiles usually weigh around 2,000 pounds.


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